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Zazoo embodies the spirit of innovation and forward thinking with a dedicated focus on providing innovative, relevant and accessible mobile services to both emerging and established markets.


We have produced a number of award-winning technologies and systems which place our areas of expertise across numerous industries including mobile banking, prepaid vending, security, smart card technologies and more.


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Third Party Payments

As part of the Net1 group we have over 25 years of experience in financial services and, as a leader within this industry, we have committed our expertise to the development of banking, specifically in the mobile space. Our patented Mobile Virtual Card (MVC) technology has been designed to positively disrupt the market and provide both consumers and businesses with the most secure and accessible mobile payment platform available.

Our financial services are not only limited to banking and mobile payments. Through our subsidiary, FIHRST, we are the largest provider of third party and payroll associated payments in South Africa.

A focus on security supports our company and client activities in the banking and financial services industries, functioning as an essential pillar in an increasingly digital world. We provide a range of PIN encryption devices, card acceptance modules and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) aimed at the financial, retail, telecommunications, utilities and petroleum sectors.

Though we are a truly diverse company, our core operations firmly focus in and around the mobile arena. This has seen us develop a variety of products and services that are geared for mobile phones. These are aimed at directly servicing consumers, or in many instances, the Mobile Network Operators themselves.

Our specialised focus on the mobile environment has made us leaders that don’t just meet industry standards – we define them, reinventing the services that power societies and economies every day. From mobile applications, to voice verification, to payroll facilitation, it always starts with imagine.think.create.

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