Advance Value Services

Through Advance of airtime and electricity we have addressed the issue of dispersed distribution and payment, providing consumers with instant access to Value Added Services (VAS) directly from their mobile device.

Airtime and electricity have become key components in our daily lives, and nowhere is this more apparent than in growing economies. Keeping the lights burning or being able to make calls from your mobile phone are no longer considered luxuries, these are necessities for daily function and moving economies forward.

AVS technology unlocks revenue that would have previously been inaccessible, providing a convenient service to any consumer group while maximising the service provider’s ability to sell additional products like prepaid airtime, electricity, water, gas and more.

who uses AVS?

From Mobile Operators to Banks and Corporates, we provide the first class Value Added Services that their customers want and need.


tnm malawi

TNM Malawi uses AVS technology to provide Pasavute, our Airtime Advance service, to its subscribers.

Since its launch in March 2014, Pasavute has reached over 1.4 million subscribers.


Grindrod Bank

Enabling Grindrod bank to distribute both prepaid airtime and electricity to the account holders.

The service is called Umoya Manje and has over 3.7 million registered customers.



The largest payment processing company in South Africa uses AVS to distribute Prepaid airtime, electricity, lotto and more.

The service is offered to nearly 1 Million South Africans that they pay each month.


key features



Allows for access to your services through multiple channels such as SMS, USSD and Mobile Applications.



The credit management defines and regulates the eligibility of your customers, ensuring minimal defaults on advances.



A secure reporting dashboard enables full visibility of the usage and trends.

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