Mobile banking

The way we pay for goods and services is changing, whether online or in the physical world. Organisations are searching for answers to address the growing need for mobile financial solutions, an answer we stand ready to deliver.

With a track record of more than 25 years in financial services, we have developed a number of mobile payment and banking solutions that address the needs of emerging and established markets.


Mobile Virtual Card (MVC)

These days when it comes to payments, plastic is a concept of the past. With social and economic behaviour becoming more entrenched in the mobile platform, people are looking for better, faster and more secure ways to pay.

We designed and developed the Mobile Virtual Card (MVC) technology to address this need along with the exponential growth of mobile phones and the must for secure, safe and simple payment solutions.

MVC is a technology that has been primarily designed for use on a mobile platform, from the latest Smart phone devices to older USSD enabled handsets and beyond.

It provides a secure alternative to conventional plastic cards by utilising the already existing payment infrastructure, meaning no changes are required from a merchant who accepts an MVC.

What makes MVC technology so effective?



MVCs are generated for specific values. Once the value of the card is used, the card becomes invalid. This eliminates the risk of theft, phishing, skimming and other fraudulent practices.



When you pay with an MVC, your payment details are never exposed. Therefore you are never putting yourself at risk, especially when paying online or at unfamiliar locations.



MVC technology is bringing emerging markets into the future, providing consumers who have no physical credit card with the ability to take part in ecommerce and other card related transactions.

MVC technology is NFC ready

Transform your transactions with secure, contactless mobile payments.


Mobile Banking

Africa is at the forefront of mobile payments, with sub-Saharan Africa having changed global perceptions about the potential for these types of services. As a technology company firmly rooted in Africa, we too have developed with this understanding and have designed a highly adaptive mobile banking suite which defines and enables the future of payments.

This banking suite operates on any type of mobile device and allows for a multitude of funding options and payment services.

The system can be fully integrated into existing payment gateways or customised to operate side by side with standing solutions. Whether you are looking to enhance an existing service or create a new payment platform, our mobile banking suite is the ideal choice for any network operator, bank or organisation.

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