VAS Platforms

For more than a decade we have been providing tailored services for mobile operators across the globe, with a specific focus on emerging markets like Africa, India and South America.

Our operations expand over more than 22 countries, from the distribution of airtime through our VTU platform, to campaign specific Mega Promotions, designed to increase ARPU and decrease subscriber churn.

We strive to deliver Value Added Services that enhance the mobile landscape, such as MVC or VTU. Ensuring that our clients have the competitive edge and the best value proposition for their customers.


Advance Value Services

Airtime and Electricity have become key components in our daily lives, and nowhere is this more apparent than in growing economies. Keeping the lights burning or being able to make calls from your mobile phone are no longer considered luxuries, these are necessities for daily function and moving economies forward.

Through Advance Airtime (AA) and Advance Electricity (AE) we have addressed the issue of dispersed distribution and payment, providing consumers/subscribers with instant access to Value Added Services (VAS) directly from their mobile device.

AVS technology unlocks revenue that would have previously been inaccessible, providing a convenient service to any consumer group while maximising the service provider’s ability to sell additional products like prepaid airtime, electricity, water, gas and more.

SMS Mega Promotions

Our SMS Mega Promotion platform provides a comprehensive system from which we can launch and coordinate large-scale, network driven promotions. Our systems use custom software to interact and monitor subscriber participation, which in turn generates information that is vital to us as the service provider.

We approach each campaign by comprehensively researching and understanding the relevant target market to ensure maximum participation. Our experienced team then conceptualises a campaign format, which is applied to local contexts through steps such as local language support.

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how does it work?

Campaigns usually run for a predetermined period of approximately 90 to 120 days, and would typically occur between one and three times per annum. A live online dashboard allows the network operator to view real-time activities on each of their respective campaigns.

The benefits of an SMS Mega Promotion include:

  • ARPU boost
  • Increase of SMS traffic on the network
  • Create massive brand buzz and hype for the MNO
  • Solidify brand loyalty
  • Enhanced consumer perception of the brand
  • Detailed subscriber profiling
  • High impact revenue generation
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