Mobile virtual card

MVC (Mobile Virtual Card) technology enables a mobile device to create virtual cards used for paying online. It provides a secure alternative to conventional plastic cards by utilising the existing international payment infrastructures, which means that an MVC can be used anywhere in the world, without having to implement any change at the merchant.

MVC technology has a broad range of applications that provide a bridge for the unbanked or underbanked to participate into an ever growing e-commerce market, giving anyone and everyone access to online services.

What makes MVC technology so effective?



MVCs are generated for specific values. Once the value of the card is used, the card becomes invalid. This eliminates the risk of theft, phishing, skimming and other fraudulent practices.



When you pay with an MVC, your payment details are never exposed. Therefore you are never putting yourself at risk, especially when paying online or at unfamiliar locations.



MVC technology is bringing emerging markets into the future, providing consumers who have no physical credit card with the ability to take part in ecommerce and other card related transactions.

MVC technology is NFC ready

Transform your transactions with secure, contactless mobile payments.


how does it work?

MVC technology is simple to use, yet highly sophisticated at its core. MVC utilises algorithms to create a series of numbers which are then represented in a standard credit card format. This allows an MVC to be utilised on any website or POS that would traditionally accept a normal bank card.

To ensure that MVCs are even more secure, the cards are generated offline and are unique to the creator of the card. In the standard implementation of MVC, each card is for a single use, which means that they are only valid up until the time of purchase, further limiting your exposure and maximising security.

MVC technology can be integrated into any application, mobile or not, it provides the ultimate payment tool that is globally accepted and internationally recognised.

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