Prepaid Distribution Platforms


The concept of prepaid was born in Africa, and as an organisation with a distinguished history of providing award winning services to countries like Africa, we have become industry experts, extending our operations throughout the continent.

Prepaid services have become a vital ingredient for growth in emerging markets, allowing service providers to extend their offerings to consumers who have been difficult or impossible to reach before. We understand the potential that this unlocks, and are actively involved in contributing to the positively disruptive array of services that enhance the lives of millions.

virtual top up 2.0

Virtual Top Up (VTU) is a technology that powers markets across the globe. In 2004 our VTU system was awarded a Technology Top 100 award for innovation as this service introduced many of the operations and functionality we have become familiar with today in typical mobile money systems. When it was launched VTU changed the concept of financial transacting, and we have continued to evolve this service year on year, ensuring that it grows as markets, technology and demand evolves.

VTU 2.0 is the latest generation of our distribution platform, bringing additional functionality and features to the market.

VTU powers the MTN group in Africa

Delivering over $126 Million in Value Added Services monthly, totaling more than 1.4 billion transactions a year.


What is VTU?

VTU is a distribution system that transforms a simple phone into a powerful, secure vending device to facilitate:

  • Pre-paid direct top-ups
  • Electronic voucher distribution
  • Bill payment for post-paid subscribers

Why is VTU so Effective?

  • It provides a structured commission system, rewarding vendors for each sale
  • Subscriber incentives can be applied to specific products
  • It is the most cost effective way of distributing to subscribers
  • It utilises state of the art cryptography

VTU is Multi-Platform

We have ensured that VTU is available for any type of market, with a number of built-in functions and customisability options.

  • VTU SIM Card applet
  • USSD enabled
  • Mobile Application
    • Smart Phone
    • Feature Phone
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