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Information is a powerful tool and as smartphones and mobile devices become further integrated into our daily lives, we have begun to carry around a wealth of our own private, personal and professional data.

This begs the question, how do we protect this information?

We are internationally recognised contributors in the advancement of security system architecture and development, understanding the need for solutions that provide security on both the client and hardware level.



Biometrics have begun to find their way into the day to day tasks of our lives. We have always been avid enthusiasts for the use of biometrics and have been enabling global systems with both finger and voice biometric verification for well over a decade.

We are able to provide biometric authentication technology with many of our products and solutions, effectively enabling a vastly enhanced layer of security.


Finger and Voice verification


Reducing fraud and securing the wealth of the future


Voice biometrics can transform a simple mobile phone into a sophisticated security system, and through our recognition software can be implemented into any mobile application or solution.


The software uses unique vocal characteristics such as pitch, tone and rhythm of speech to biometrically verify an account, eliminating access by fraudulent third parties. The entire process can be completed in real-time and offline, unlike traditional security systems.


This biometric solutions stores fingerprint data on a smart card through the card enrolment process. The fingerprints are then used to biometrically verify the card owner before card transactions can be performed.


Our ATMs and POS devices have integrated fingerprint scanners to perform biometric verification, providing ultimate security.


We also make use of an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) to weed out duplicate cardholders and identify possible fraud through a unique, internally developed one-to-many search engine.

Variable PIN

Variable PIN (VPIN) has been designed to complement new and existing applications, and offers an innovative, patented solution that secures client and company data. The software creates dynamic or variable PINs that, when used in conjunction with our biometric technology, results in an unparalleled level of security.

Why use VPIN technology?

  • VPIN can be integrated into any system, with no changes required to existing hardware, software or acquiring/switching platforms.
  • VPIN verification is conducted online or offline, with offline mode recommended to ensure PIN generation is available 100% of the time.
  • The offline VPINs are generated on demand, and can exceed the traditional four-digit length.
  • The PINs are typically generated by a mobile application after biometric voice verification is successful.

Together this allows VPIN technology to offer the highest possible level of security, without using EMV.

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