Solar lamps to provide Wi-Fi hotspots in rural areas

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Net1 Mobile Solutions’ Sun-e-light initiative will bring light, communication and connectivity to rural areas across South Africa. Read what Fin24 and Techfinancials had to say about this amazing new product:

Net1 Mobile Solutions is preparing to roll out an enhanced solar-powered lamp in rural areas across the country which will also act as a Wi-Fi hotspot – enabling millions of people to be part of the digital world.

The new Sun-e-light is aimed at people with little or no access to electricity. This could be rural people or those residing in shacks. The first version of the lamp will have a light and cellphone charger, while the later version can also be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Sun-e-light to provide Wi-Fi hotspots in rural areas

As a Wi-Fi hotspot, the “next generation Sun-e-light” offers users the ability to research online and experience the digital world, thereby providing users with access to job portals, for example.

Net1 Mobile Solutions MD Philip Belamant says: “We don’t want to just light up the room; we want to light up people’s lives with opportunities and information. It’s also about other solutions that could be provided by the light.”

Sun-e-light is a corporate social investment project for Net1 Mobile Solutions, a company owned by JSE and Nasdaq-listed Net1 UEPS Technologies.

“In our initial launch we will be handing out 2 000 lamps with thousands to follow month on month,” says Belamant. The company is looking at distributing the solar-powered lamps at schools and different areas across the country.

Read the full story over at Fin24 and Techfinancials.

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