sub-meter vending system

The Sub-Meter Vending System is an affordable, self-contained solution which allows Managing Agents and Body Corporates to effectively manage prepaid electricity, water and gas meters on their properties.


The Sub-Meter Vending System prevents bad debts of utility services (electricity, water and gas) by ensuring all usage is prepaid. Furthermore the system utilises the STS certified TSM250, which provides enterprise grade security and reliability.

The system is easy to setup and use, making it ideal for front offices.

There are no monthly service fees, as the solution is operated by the Managing Agent or Body Corporate.

key features


meter management


Tariff and Fee management


STS Credit Tokens, Key-Change Tokens and Engineering Tokens


Multiple Supply Group Codes

the sub-meter vending system is ideal for


body corporates

Body Corporates all over the world are using the Sub-Meter Vending System to efficiently manage the prepaid electricity, water and gas meters on their properties, eliminating the headaches of defaulting tenants and bad debt with Utility Companies.


managing agents

Enables Managing Agents using the Sub-Meter Vending System to manage multiple sites on behalf of the property owner.

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