Mobile Banking

Financial services are in our blood, and for more than 25 years we have been providing some of the most innovative and intuitive financial systems around the globe.

We understand that banking is more than just viewing your balance or acquiring a statement, it’s about changing the way you live, by giving you real access to your money through an endless range of options.

Our financial systems are tried, tested and trusted in over 15 countries across 3 continents.

In South Africa alone we are responsible for the effective management and provision of more than 15 million bank accounts.

All of which are supported by our patented UEPS-EMV bank cards and further enhanced by our state of the art mobile banking functionality.


Universal Mobile Banking

Our Universal Mobile Banking (UMB) platform was designed and developed to be compatible with any mobile device, from the latest smartphone to the most basic feature phone. It allows for any number of funding mechanisms to be integrated into the platform, such as EFTs, prepaid cards, credit cards and loyalty programs to virtually any customer requirement.

UMB features everything you would expect from a modern day banking system and more: from balance services and international payments, to transfers and virtual card creation. It is fully customisable and adheres to the highest banking requirements and regulations.

Smart, simple, sophisticated and secure.

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