Utility Vending

The global economy’s need for prepaid services is prevalent, particularly in growing and emerging markets. Airtime is merely the tip of the iceberg, and there is a large demand for other utilities such as electricity, water and gas.


We offer a number of vending solutions, with a focused interest on prepaid electricity. As a member of the STS association we have worked to define the international standards utilised today. Our electricity vending solutions provide secure, fast generation of prepaid electricity tokens. When integrated into our VTU distribution platform it effectively enables electricity aggregation with multiple distributions companies (DISCOs) and meter technologies.

Our utility vending offerings are available for any size company or organisation:


The Sub-metering system offers a self-contained vending solution that is perfect for small vendors of STS prepaid electricity/water tokens using a Windows platform.

These vending solutions offer detailed transaction reporting which covers core data such as meter serial numbers, token generation and associated information. Users are able to configure their own filtering and sorting to offer the greatest possible insight into the system.

Other benefits include:

  • Support for multiple operators with extensive audit trails, allowing transparent operation, and reconciliation.
  • Full system support offered as standard for the most complete offering.

Enterprise Vending

Enterprise vending solutions are ideally suited for management of prepaid utility services such as electricity, water and gas where high performance for high volume is paramount.

These solutions include:

  • Fully managed token distribution across multiple channels including mobile, web and third party.
  • Management of meter keys with remote key loading, ideal for power utilities and local and regional distribution authorities.
  • High level security with identity-based access and password control as well as role-based authorisation to ensure system integrity.

Alongside secure and tamper-proof hardware such as the TSM500-NSS, our utility management suite offers management for meters, tariffs and consumers.

Detailed transaction logging as well as reporting on every relevant data category gives operators unparalleled insight into trends, performance and more, allowing them to make the most beneficial decisions for their business.

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